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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Congratulations to the vExperts!


Today , VMware released the names of new and returning vExperts for 2021.

vExpert 2021 Award Announcement

I was honored and humbled to be able to stay with this program for my 4th year.

I believe in the VMware eco system and have seen how transformational it has been in my business and I enjoy sharing stories and advice with others on the subject.

I was fortunate enough to join the VMUG in Denver at a great time and found a group of people that understood my language. After being a member for several years, I volunteered my time to hep organize and plan activities for the local groups along with 2 other amazing leaders. The planning and organization of the 2018 Denver UserCon was intense, but attending on the event day was awe inspiring. So many VMware enthusiasts that I spoke with that day thanked us for helping to provide them with so much information about the products and services that could help advance their careers and businesses.

I had to relocate for work to Orlando and immediately sought out the local chapter and immediately volunteered. Once again I found myself connected with passionate leaders and VMware advocates. I was fortunate enough to attend a few in person meetings before the pandemic fully took hold , and I am looking forward to the day that we can get together again.

I am looking for new ways to support and add to the community.

I have started this blog as a way of documenting things that I find interesting and new.

I am looking at the option to livestream some lab sessions.

I answer questions on the Spiceworks forums for those that find themselves in a bind.

Jason Valentine's SpiceWorks

Having access to a community that understands your needs and daily challenges is such a profound help and I am hopeful that I give as much  as I take.


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